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T.Smirnov, Hammer, 2009, pencil on paper, 55х50 cm
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Adria Sartore
Born in Genoa.Adria Sartore isn’t your typical contemporary artist. She fits so poorly into the system of contemporary art that at times the system refuses to recognize her as one of its own.
Alekseeva Marina
Anufriev Sergey
Basyrov Garif
Bordachov Sergey
The name of Sergei Bordachev was high on the list of that "new wave" of experimenting artists using both the geometric tradition and the expressive abstract painting.
Brainin Vladimir
Bruni Lavrentiy
The young artist`s family tree stemming from last century`s well-known Academy master and diploma of the prestigeous Surikov Art College.
Burov Oleg
Cereteli Zurab
Chahal Gor
Chuikov Ivan
Dmitriev Ivan
Dybsky Evgeny
Filipov Andrew
Francesco Maria Bibesco
Golitsina Katia
Goryunova Nonna
Infante Francisco and Nonna Gorunova
While appreciating the qualities of mathematical order, economy of material, and the efficacy of modern technology, Infante returns again and again to the idea of the "accident" - to the "suddenly" of the fairy tale.
Kasatkin Nikolay
Kataeva Marina
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