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Kholopov Alexander
Koldobskaya Marina
Kotyol Nina
Nina Kotyol tunes her eye in such a way, however, that the object momentarily loses its links with the world that seemed so natural.
Lamanova Natalia
Manovtseva Sasha
Markovnikov Boris
What you see is the residue. If you know the secret, you can judge from it about what’s happening to us. All remains where it ever was, - it’s we who fell and got smashed to pieces. We are splinters from one of the explosions...
Nemukhin Vladimir
O&A Florenskie
Politov Alexey
Roginskiy Mihail
Salnikov Vladimir
Snegur Igor
Sveshnikov Boris
Tretyakova Yuliya
Tumanov Alexander
Works are in private collections in Russia, United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentine, Brazil, Japan.
Turetskiy Boris
Valdron Irina
Volkov Sergey
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