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D.Shorin, the Caviar, 2009. oil on canvas,148х95 sm
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Alekseev Dmitriy
Bartenev Andrey
Belyaev-Gintovt Alexey
Lyosha Belyayev as a mediator between cultural and beyond-the-cultural spaces, searches for methods of expression and identification of culture`s frontier landscapes thougn creation of specific space or symbolic field.
Belyavskaya Katya
Buivid Vita
Denisov Sergey
Dubosarskiy Vladimir
The two artists find that the territory of art has been abandoned at a time when it is particularly interesting. The process of art development has bred attempts to plunge into reality without structuring it. But art is, after all, something artificial, that is something structured.
Emelina Galina
Golovach Serg
Gorokhovskiy Eduard
Born in 1929 in Vinniza ( now – Ukraina). Graduated from Engineering-constructional Institute,faculty – architecture in 1954. Lives and works in Novosibirsk in 1954-1973, in Moscow – from 1973, in Germany and Moscow – from 1992.
Grositsky Andrey
The artist combines the personal use we put the thing to and its objective being, he also shows its limits in a man`s life and in art.
Gutov Dmitry
Koshliakov Valeriy
Predominant in Koshlyakov’s painting is the genre of veduta - monumental images of splendid architectural relics infinitely remote from Russian reality: Venice, Rome, Alhambra, always done on previously used cardboard.
Lika Tsereteli
Mamonov Bogdan
Bogdan Mamonov - artist, curator, art critic, author of installations, video, performans, part of ESCAPE program.
Rezun-Zvezdochotova Larisa
Riboud Marc
Marc Riboud in 1959 becomes the vice-president of the Magnum across Europe, and 1975-1976 - he is a president of the Magnum.
Shablavin Sergey
Shelkovskiy Igor
Shnurov Sergey
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