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S. Shnurov, Crucifix , 2007, oil on canvas, 100х120 см.
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Artists / Gallery artists

Shorin Dmitry
Shubina Masha
Live and work in Berlin
Smirnov Timofey
Tsvetkov Dmitry
Vinogradov Alexander
Painter, lives and works in Moscow
Vladimir Lagrang
Vulokh Igor
Born in 1938 in Kazan. Graduated from Kazan Art school in 1958.
Yurashko Vika
Yurashko Vlad
Zhuravlyov Anatoly
Zvezdochotov Konstantin
In the semi-serious Table of Ranks of the Moscow unofficial art Konstantin Zvezdochotov rates as a general. He is ready to take part in all exhibitions, successful or not. He likes working in company. He was certainly among the organizers of several art groups - the World Champions, for instance.
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